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[Pinch Pot] Family Bowl or LoveBirds Bowl- custom made for your family from Lee Wolfe Pottery

MOON CERAMIC™ - керамика. Мастерская в Минске

Mama and Baby Bird bowls in new glazes from Lee Wolfe Pottery. Impression bowl with doily- simple bird cut outs.

Porcelain Tea Light Shell By Sinead O Moore by Enrica | Nuji

Hand Carved Copal Wood Deer Bowl Set / from Guillermina Santa Ana. This is adorable! The deer heads are so cute! Such a good idea.

Blogger does another tutorial on her 'air dry clay pottery'  {Changed it up a bit}    Aren't these great?

Evergreen Imprinted Clay Dishes @ Urban Comfort -- I have a soap dish, for the kitchen, that my mom brought back to me as a souvenir. I may try making these myself.

I want this!

Yoga Bella Sculpture - for a calming presence in your home or garden. Leave her as is or fill her lap with sand and candles or water and floating flowers.

Like this look - Design/lace over partial - Secando.....

cool texture- leads to loads more wonderful pics of texured ceramics by Cris Couto.