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I had built a very heavy work table and had to use my ceiling mounted 880 lb electric winch (Model 44006 at Harbor Freight), to lift one end high enough to c.

This is one of my favorite shop upgrades. By adding this suspended outlet over my work area I always have electricity close at hand. It sure beats running an extension cord across the floor and getting my feet tangled in it. This suspended outlet is not difficult to install, but be sure to follow local building codes and use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), …

Suspended Outlet

Barrel Vise Press by rbertalotto -- Homemade barrel vise press powered by a 6-ton hydraulic jack and mounted to an angle iron frame.

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By connecting a 5-gal. storage tank to the compressoru2019s tank, it more than doubles its air-storage capacity. - Home Decor For Life

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