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Most natural diamonds are formed at high temperature and pressure at depths of 140 to 190 kilometers to 118 mi) in the Earth's mantle.

Any thoughts on how it's come to this? I would love to hear theories. world-changes-before-and-after-23__605

20 Funny Illustrations That Prove The World Has Seriously Changed For The Worse

Egy német család

Kindereier, LOL -- we LOVED the Kinder Eggs. They are a hollow chocolate egg with a plastic capsule in the center. The capsules contain everything from small toys to puzzles. Everyone returned to being a child when you gave them a kinder egg.

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lol and yet they beg for sex bc they are 'nice guys' and they deserve it apparently and when a woman refuses they bash the woman for being a slut. yah we definitely want your virginity

If You Look At Something From The Right Angle | Click the link to view full image and description : )

If You Look At Something From The Right Angle, click the link to view more funny pictures !

Trash bins around the world...priceless! I think Russian just might be my favorite :)

Trash bins around the world.

Why is trash throwing it back?<<In Soviet Russia, trash can throws trash in you!<are we just not gonna talk about italy<< what about finland?

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This is me on my first date. I've seen this dozens of times and just realized that that's Jake Gyllenhaal.