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Active Voice - Communication Tips

Published on June 9, 2022
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Speaking and writing in the active voice will increase your credibility and make you sound more confident when communicating.
    Active voice is when the subject performs an action on an object. For example, (1)“I wrote the essay” vs. (2)“the essay was written by me”.
      Let’s break down this example:
      • Subject = I
      • Action = wrote
      • Object = the essay
      First Example
      • Subject ➡️Action➡️Object.
      • I ➡️ wrote ➡️ the essay. ✅
      Second Example
      • Object➡️Action➡️Subject.
      • The essay ➡️ was written by ➡️ me. ❌
      Keep this in mind when writing and speaking! #communicationtips #communication #writing #speaking #conversation

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