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Shake Paint Valentine’s Day Heart Craft! Toddler sensory, reasoning, & fine motor activity/craft.


Non-toxic baby/toddler friendly paint (red and/or purple or colors of your choosing to decorate hearts) or use edible paint recipe (plain/vanilla yogurt with food coloring).
Small white envelope, plain white paper, or colorful construction paper (as place to put shake paint hearts)
White paper & colorful construction paper (for hearts)
Scissors (to cut out hearts)
Small square plastic Tupperware container (to place hearts in, pour paint, & shake up hearts)
Highchair, tarp, or mat (for mess)
Let child get messy & problem solve!
Don’t correct right away & let child explore first.
Let child explore using all senses (can do edible paint/yogurt with food coloring).
Vocabulary Extension:
Describe what your child will be doing while demonstrating & helping. Describe what your child is doing while they are doing it.
Name colors & repeat the name of the shape chosen (heart).
Repetition is always key to language development.