looking beyond the journey... <3

When I practice, I love to wear flannel shirts, blue jeans and my boots. I look cheesy because I'm singing country music along with an acoustic guitar, but it just feels so natural. Like I'm part of the music.

Color Splash

Color Splash

a girl and her guitar

wishyouwerenorthwest: “ Wish You Were Northwest / torysavannah / Photo by Hilliary Anderson ”

~Right from the beach! i beach i would like to visit Beautiful beach Beach such a cute version of a french manicure

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Can you imagine just sitting up here, all alone with your guitar. On top of the world. And you can just play and sing your heart out.

Are you aware that the bass guitar is music’s soul instrument? It gives the song life and if you can learn to play this excellent piece of instrument, you can impress your friends and family members. So don’t waste your time and s

Playing the piano outside. Want to do this one day :-)

Playing the piano outside. Want to do this one day :-) Not to mention playing on such a piano.

The immensely lovely St. Vincent

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