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a blue and white bed sitting on top of a floor next to a wall mounted lamp
This item is unavailable - Etsy
bed- This is how I can have all the room decors I want! Minitures! Yessss, I will have my blue bedroom!
two woven baskets sitting on top of each other
Tutorials on Minitures, but my favorite is the tutorial on making a basket, wonder how big I could make one!
a hand is holding a small black and white bow
2 Tier Halloween Cake
how to make miniture doll house halloween items | Tier Halloween Cake | Stewart Dollhouse Creations
a person holding up a miniature photo of fruit
Miniature Food Art by Stephanie Kilgast
Amazing miniature food art by Stephanie Kilgast. I wouldn't even want to try, but it is fun to look at!
a person is holding some miniature food in their hand and it looks like they are eating something
Dollhouse Meat Board
miniture food dishes. by Shay Aaron, via Flickr
a miniature food dish with meat and vegetables in it's shell on someones finger
What's for dinner, tonight?
miniture food dishes. by Shay Aaron, via Flickr
several wine corks are on a white plate
Wine Cork Spools - original spools from cork - set of 12
Wine cork spools use for ribbons, trims, scraps of long fabric.