Pinterest 100 for 2017

There are all kinds of recaps and best-ofs this time of year, but instead of looking back, we’re jumping ahead. Our insights team dug through a ton of data from the past year to identify the top emerging trends on Pinterest. And the results are just too good to keep to ourselves. Here is the Pinterest 100, our official trend report for 2017.
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The Pinterest 100: Cultural traditions are front and center for today's weddings.
The Pinterest 100: Healthy, filling bowls are up 200% since last year.
The Pinterest 100: Sous vide (pronounced sue-veed) is the fancy name for a set-it-and-forget-it way of cooking. Seal your ingredients in a plastic bag, cook them in water then pour yourself a drink and relax. Your steaks will be the stuff of legend.
The Pinterest 100: Up 420% in 2016 as more people discover this nutritious pork substitute.
The Pinterest 100: Popping up everywhere from skewers to tacos.
The Pinterest 100: 1.5 million people saved empanada Pins this year–up 40%!
The Pinterest 100: Up 43% this summer and growing–we think it'll be next summer's "it" beer.
The Pinterest 100: Healthy snack searches are up 200% this year, with "clean eating chips" on the rise. Zucchini chips were up 83% at this peak this year.
The Pinterest 100: Naan makes pizza feel new again.
The Pinterest 100: The new kimchi, and easy to make at home.