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In Buddhism the Lotus flower is known to symbolize purity of speech, of the body, and of the mind. A path in life is said to be similar to that of the Lotus. Starting at the seed stage, early in the karmic cycle, through to the bud emerging f

reflection on the water and perception. only seeing a portion from a different perspective

Water Lillies 1 by Richard House on Capture Minnesota // This photo was taken on September 2011 at Como Park. The reflection of the tinted glass give the water its color.

The fool, beset by ignorance, thinks it beautiful. But when it lies dead, 	swollen, livid, 	cast away in a charnel ground, even relatives don't care for it. Dogs feed on it, jackals, wolves, & worms. Crows & vultures feed on it, along with any other animals there.  Having heard the Awakened One's words, the discerning monk comprehends, for he sees it 	for what it is: "As this is, so is that. As that, so this." Within & without, he should let desire for the body 	fade away. With desire…

The Lotus Flower ~ slowly emerges from a pond over three days and then blooms in the morning until mid afternoon.