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Giraffe love.

Mom and baby giraffe kisses

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens welcomes baby giraffe

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is celebrating the birth of a male giraffe calf, born Friday, Nov.

such a precious kiss!!!

Photo by Stephanie Pilick


Mother giraffe with baby - Parent-Child Relationship Fine Art Print

Awww, mommy and sweet baby giraffes.

This giraffe mama and baby love each other.

Baby Giraffe having a sponge-tongue bath..."Aww mom, not so rough! I'm ticklish!" Please like and comment if you're ticklish too under the chin, lol...

Mother Jamali & baby Juma at the NC Zoo.


Precious baby giraffe born at The Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, Michigan.

The day after the catnip party of the night before.

Tall & proud giraffe at Chester zoo.

Tall & proud giraffe at Chester zoo. I went back to Chester zoo recently & proud giraffe is still there looking prouder than ever.


What a beautiful Giraffe …