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Engineer designs a cyberpunk themed wristwatch using a VFD display tube powered by a single AA battery. Unfortunately, it only runs for a few hours.

De Cristofaro used an ex-Soviet VFD tube as the core for his Cyberpunk Wristwatch, which adds steampunk notes in the form of a brass “roll cage” around the tube.

Tesla Armbanduhr Steampunk Gothic Uhr Watch

Tesla Armbanduhr Steampunk Gothic Uhr Watch

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zombie stomperSave those thumbs & bucks w/ free shipping on this magloader I purchased mine No more leaving the last round out because it is too hard to get in. And you will load them faster and easier, to maximize your shooting enjoyment. loader does it all easily, painlessly, and perfectly reliably

OK, the zombie apocalypse schtick has officially jumped the shark. Check out this Saiga zombie-stomper : Yes, that's a throwing axe on.

Why would This color help against zombies? No seriously with this on your ak & 1911 your chances for survival increase?

Zombie Extinction Bio Hazard Shuriken 6 piece Set Throwing Stars | Save 33% | Extremely-Sharp

Bio-Hazard Shuriken Set of Throwing Stars Zombie Extinction - Throwing Stars & Shurikens, Ninja-Martial Arts, Cool Stuff - 3