beauty treatments

10 Homemade Natural Beauty & Spa Treatments -- I love using natural things for quick and easy beauty tricks!

10 Commandments of Lipstick

Top 10 Lipstick Tips For A Flawless Pout

The Ten Commandments of Lipstick / Lipstick The Top 10 Rules For A Flawless Pout

4 Ways to Use Your Liquid Foundation

4 Ways to Use Your Liquid Foundation Hair News Network. All Hair.

The only 7 Eye Brushes you'll ever need!


Eye Makeup Brushes Tutorial from The Beauty Department here. This is a continuation on their what brushes to use series.I posted their face brushes here. Photo by Amy Nadine,

contouring and highlighting overview...

How to contour and highlight your face? Take A Look Of The Areas Of The Face That You Have To Highlight And Contour!

Belt knots...huge!

Handy for those belts you want to buy but are too long - punch extra holes in them and tie a knot with the excess! Tutorial: 12 awesome ways to knot a belt

Használj borotvahabot a fürdőszobai tükör tisztításához! Kipróbáljuk!

Use Shaving Cream To Clean Bathroom Mirror-How cool is this ? Use a little shaving cream and spread onto the mirror, then wipe with a soft cloth. It helps defog the mirror after showers.



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chapped lips

How To: 8 DIY Home Remedies for Relieving Chapped Lips

8 DIY home remedies for relieving dry and chapped lips

We need this in our life!

Grip & Tip nail polish holder from Miles Kimball is your personal mani-pedi assistant!

Remove Ink Stains with Hairspray

Remove Ink Stains with Hairspray. Since Corey left a pen in his pants some of our clothes have some lovely ink stains on them now

Hand-Held Portable Coffee Machine Lets You Be A Barista, Make Coffee On-The-Go -

Taking portable coffee machines to new heights, Handpresso has created yet another device for those who love their joe.

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5 Things To Try This Weekend

Frozen Water Balloon Ice cubes to cool drinks - 13 great summer party hacks

Szempilla göndörítés felső fokon...mi kipróbáltuk és láss csodát...gyönyörű lett!

The Secret to Lash Curling.: The Secret to Lash Curling.

microfiber-bristle brush

30 Foolproof Ways To Get Through This Winter

Goody Quik Style Paddle Brush: "Letting my hair air-dry takes more than three hours, but this brush cuts down on that time, making my hair care routine a whole lot easier.