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a brown and white guinea pig sitting in a cage with hay on top of it
A cute Ginnypig
a great white shark jumping out of the water
When you've had your Wheaties AND Redbull..
four stingfishs are standing in the sand and one is upside down on it's back legs
Natural Science
Rays - Focus On the Positive: The Marine & Oceanic Sustainability Foundation
an octopus mask on display in the dark
Octopuses You Can't Even Believe Are Real
a pigeon sitting on the edge of a ledge in front of a cityscape
About Wild Animals: Pigeon-A bird that calls cities and streets home
Pigeon-A bird that calls cities and streets home. #animal #amazing #bird #facts #pigeon #city #street
an ostrich is running in the dirt
10 Fascinating Ostrich Pictures
The ostrich is the largest and heaviest living bird. As its species name, camelus, suggests, the ostrich was once known as the “camel bird” because of its long neck, prominent eyes, and sweeping eyelashes, as well as its jolting walk.
an adult kangaroo standing on top of a baby kangaroo
Stella McCartney, militant vegan, joins forces with Adidas, company that profits from bloody slaughter of kangaroos
Adidas profits from bloody slaughter of kangaroos. The bodies of slaughtered baby kangaroos - torn from their mother's pouches and too small to be of any commercial use - will lie for the eagles to peck at, while their slaughtered mothers are made into football boots for the sportswear giant. Adidas has been accused of fuelling "the largest wildlife slaughter in the world". #kangaroo #addidas #animalwelfare #animalcruelty #fashion #football #soccer #sport
an animal with large horns standing in tall grass
Cape buffalo
a ram with large horns standing in tall grass
Muflon | Muflon, myslivost, příroda, Ovis musimos | FOTOGALERIE
a deer with antlers on its head standing in tall grass
Nocturnal visit by René Visser / 500px
Roe deer portrait
a deer with large antlers standing in the middle of a forest filled with trees
10 Most Beautiful Deer Photos That Will Inspire You
The male deer horns shed and regrow every year, a little like the skin on a snake. The only species of deer with exception to this annual horn shedding is the Chinese water deer.
a large black bear walking across a dry grass covered field with trees in the background
Basics Of Deer Hunting
When Wild Boar medicine grabs your attention it is asking you to confront your fears having full knowledge that you already have the wit and wisdom to overcome anything in your path without having to get physically tough with it. Many ancient cultures have used Wild Boar Medicine for its healing powers because of its ability to confront the unknown without fear.
an antelope standing on the edge of a body of water
Black faced Impala male photo, Etosha Namibia Africa
Black faced Impala male in Namibia
an antelope standing in the middle of a grassy field with long horns on it's head
Blesbok or blesbuck (Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi)
an antelope with large horns standing in the tall grass looking at the camera
Kudu bull