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Chim chim source: twitter

Hey I think I have a sweater like this . Àuww Chimin à mình có đồ đôi đó~~

Jimin' selcas

Lee de la historia Bts Memes fondos y más por SmallPain (恐れ で ルナ) con 357 lecturas.

Imagine he tells you you're hot aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........aaaaaa I would die and considering how lucky I am I would came back and he would already be gone and I would stay there like a bloody idiot really and this is what happens the love of my life was standing right there barely two feet   away from me and I screwed it up.........WOW JUST WOW I mean just imagine

Am I the only one that thinks he looks particularly muscular here? Have you been working out, Hobi baby?<--- it looks as if suga has been teaching him swaeg tho