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Math activities and printables for preschool and kindergarten. Numbers, counting, shapes, patterns, measuring and more. Worksheets and printables welcome! Hands…
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the back to school math notebook is shown with text overlaying it and an image of
With these simple steps, your kindergarten learners will be completing their math notebooks in no time!
a child's hand is pointing at a number counting card with the words, numbers and
BACK TO SCHOOL ACTIVITIES - Mrs. Jones Creation Station Store
Welcome your students to a new school year with an easy counting activity! These number counting cards are a great way to practice one to one correspondence with your pre-k and kindergarten learners.
the printable do - a - dot number recognition worksheet for kids to practice numbers
1-20 Number recognition printables
Free printable number recognition worksheets for numbers 1-20. Fun math printables for kindergarten and preschool. Fun dot marker activity for kids. #prek #kindergarten #math #planesandballoons
this printable subtract worksheet is perfect for beginning and ending sounds
Subtraction Practice for Kids
Food is a great visual when it comes to subtraction practice! Use the subtraction mat along with these fun pizza erasers to create a fun, hands on subtraction game! This is a great resource for Pre-K and Kindergarten students for new skills and practice for first grade students! #subtractionpractice #subtraction #firstgrade #kindergarten
the color by number coloring page for spring is shown with flowers and bees on it
Spring Color By Number Printables
These spring color by number printables are great for having preschoolers practice color words and number recognition from one to twenty.
money bookmarks with the words penny cents on them and an image of five different coins
Free Money Bookmarks for Coins and Dollars
Free Money Bookmarks - they have penny, nickel, dime, quarter, 1 dollar, 5 dollar, 10 dollar, and 20 dollar for the bookmarks. - #mathbookmarks #moneyforkids #mathhelp #firstgrade #secondgrade
five different activities for teaching numbers and counting
5 Strategies for Kindergarten Math
Are you happy with the kindergarten math instruction that you are providing your kindergarten students? Having students come to your classroom at different levels of exposure and instruction can be challenging in most early childhood classrooms. Here are five math strategies that can help improve teaching math to your students. #math #classroom #teaching #learning #organization
the real life shape posters are displayed in front of each other with different shapes and sizes
Real-Life Shape Posters
When adding posters to your classroom, consider adding these real-life shape posters to your walls. Perhaps you don't have enough wall space. Don't worry, there are some suggestions included on how to use these free shape posters to help your little learners learn about the shapes around them. #free #printable #posters #kindergarten #preschool #learning #kids
some sort of activities to teach students about sorting and sorting with the words sorting by attributes
Sorting/Positional Words - Mrs. Jones Creation Station Store
Bring hands on learning to your learners with these engaging, interactive sorting activities. Perfect for preschool and pre-k students! #sorting #sortingactivities #preschoolmath
two hands holding cards with numbers on them and the words number bond matching in black
Addition and Subtraction Within 20 – Make 10, Add 10, Use 10 to Add, Use 10 to Subtract
Addition and subtraction fluency within 20 is a skill that second graders need to develop to become efficient mathematical thinkers. Help students make 10, add 10 and use 10 to add and subtract with these resources. Here are the addition strategies we use. #addto20 #additionstrategies #make10
two missing addends to 20 with the text free printable missing addends
Missing Addend Addition Worksheets for First Grade - free printable PDF
Missing addends first grade free printable worksheets - missing addend freebie. #grade1 #planesandballoons
printable math flashcards for kids to practice numbers and counting with the help of their hands
15+ Printable Math Flashcards
Printable Math Flashcards - with different math flashcards for addition, subtraction, multiplication. and division with different sizes and mix of types of flashcards - #flashcards #mathflashcards #multiplication #division #addition #subtraction