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a man standing in front of three gorillas on a dirt road with trees and bushes behind him
Gorillas Pose For Selfies With Anti-Poaching Rangers In Congo
a close up of a gorilla with its hands on his face and eyes closed to the side
a close up of a gorilla's face and chest
a gorilla is standing on a rope and reaching up to reach the ground with his hands
an adult gorilla and baby sitting on the ground together with their mouths open while holding each other's hands
Sharing a Laugh With Mom
Sharing a Laugh With Mom | by photofest2009 - Kathy Newton
a baby gorilla is playing with its mother
Mother Gorilla and Baby
“Are you awake yet?”
a lion sitting on top of a tree branch
a gorilla holding a small baby in its mouth while sitting on the floor next to a cage
Lips sealed in settlement of Koko case
Amazing Koko with her pet cat. She communicates in American Sign Language. She has a large vocabulary, and creates sentences, even inventing new ideas.
an elephant laying on top of a pile of grass next to a man in blue shirt
49 Kickass Pics from Our Awesome World
49 Kickass Pics from Our Awesome World - Funny Gallery