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a red flower with green leaves and swirls on a white background stock photo - image
Traditional Hungarian floral motif with stylized leaves and petals
red flowers and leaves are arranged in the shape of an ornament on a white background
Traditional Hungarian Embroidery Floral Elements Stock Vector - Illustration of ethnic, vector: 55331456
an image of a red bird with leaves on it's back and its tail
Legyél te is mesehős! - Interaktív meseszínház - Jegyvásárlás - Budapest
a red paper cut wreath with the words la maga
the letter c is made up of red flowers and birds
Pólómánia - A Te Stílusod - Interaktív pólószerkesztő, egyedi pólók feliratozása, készítése, nyomtatása
a red flower with black leaves on a white background royalty illustration
Little Hungarian Folk Motif Stock Vector - Illustration of embroidery, folk: 68162968
a red wreath with an ornate design on the front and back side, surrounded by leaves
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a floral border with red flowers and green leaves on a beige background stock photo image
Traditional Hungarian Floral Motif Stock Vector - Illustration of leaves, folk: 55331255
a red and green border with flowers on it, in the shape of a square
Magyar népi vektor motívumok
a set of decorative flowers and leaves in brown on an orange background with the words hungarian folk ornaments vol 2