Psychotic Disorders

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a group of men and women standing around a man in a hospital bed with an oxygen tube
10 Mind-Boggling Psychiatric Treatments
Walter Freeman performing a lobotomy in 1949 at the Western State Hospital.
mental health stigma
mental health stigma
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Smokers May Need Different Doses of Antipsychotics | dailyRx People, Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Medical, Psychiatric Disorders, Mood Disorders, Smokers, Bipolar
Daily RX
Smokers May Need Different Doses of Antipsychotics | dailyRx
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#Quotes About Family
#Quotes About Family
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Day 308 - Are you in Control of your Mind or are you Mind Controlled?
Garbrielles Journey to Life: Day 308 - Are you in Control of your Mind or are you Mind Controlled?
» Living with Schizophrenia - World of Psychology Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Ocd Symptoms, Mental Health Stigma, Living With Schizophrenia
Living with Schizophrenia
» Living with Schizophrenia - World of Psychology
Case studies of lobotomy Barbie, Medical Oddities, Medical Curiosities, Lobotomy, Medical History, Psychiatric Hospital, After Surgery
are you mental? (yes, i am)
Case studies of lobotomy
the back cover of thorazine, which contains information on how to use it
Thorazine for mania
1954: Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) is approved by the FDA in the US to treat schizophrenia, mania, psychomotor excitement, and other psychotic disorders. An ad from Psychosomatic Medicine, 1955.
a black and white drawing of a person's head with speakers in the middle
The Official PLOS Blog - The Official PLOS Blog covers PLOS initiatives that address our core principles.
"Culturally grounded investigations enable us to investigate the ways a person’s lived experiences perpetuate neural changes in the brain that may shape the onset and course of psychotic disorders." The convergence of culture and behavioral neuroscience. Applied Neuroanthropology: A New Field & A New Issue
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Hugh Comstock's original fairytale cottage in Carmel, Ca.