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Mass Effect: Andromeda won't be on Nintendo Switch | KeenGamer

Yes, I know it was just one trailer and no actual gameplay, but I'm so excited to see what Bioware does with the new Mass Effect And that means early Mass Effect: Andromeda fanart from me ^_^ 

Mass Effect's Geth are a fine example of Artificial Intelligence that has been designed by Aliens. They have a hive mind which could be quite an interesting mechanic.

Legion, the geth mobile platform, is ready for war with Commander Shepard and his / her crew. Killer Mass Effect 3 conceptual art by Patryk Olejniczak. Check out more of Patryk’s Mass Effect 3 artwork.

Jack (Subject Zero) By Patryk Olejniczak #masseffect I love her character :)

Personal art of Mass Effect. The seventh picture featuring Jack aka "Subject Zero" I went for a classical model (and very poster like) back pose. Jack i. Mass Effect 3 - Jack

Mass Effect Andromeda fanart by on @DeviantArt

News of the latest addition to the Mass Effect franchise hasn't been kind, but from what I've read a lot of it just seems to be people piling on subjective or unnecessary criticisms to a fairly goo.