The walls of the wellness area evoke the warmth and the naturalness of sand dunes sculpted by the wind, becoming the unrivalled protagonists of a space dedicated to wellness and relaxation. | 3D WALL DESIGN |

3D Wall Design Dune. The naturalness of sand dunes sculpted the wind

3D Wall Tiles for bathrooms, kitchens, Spas.

3D Wall Design: three-dimensional and spectacular ceramic surfaces

Hospitality & Relax.  A suggestive and welcoming atmosphere via the sensations evoked by Ebony wood renowned for its rich colour crossed by long veining and distinct knots. On the Floor: porcelain tiles inspired by African dark wood. On the Wall: porcelain tiles inspired by warm natural stone. | | Made in Italy. Made to Excel. | #atlasconcorde #porcelaintiles #woodlook #woodeffect #tiles

Nature that enchants and welcomes

Atlas Concorde's Brick Atelier collection of wall tiles can be installed with minimal grout because of their rectified border. The collection is characterized by a thick glaze that creates a bright and reflective surface with the appearance of depth.

The intense sensations of naturalness and genuineness of untreated wood essences come to life in a sophisticated ceramic finishing, to create venues with emotional atmospheres even in contexts requiring high technical performance.

Wood Floor Tiles

The wood look porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde faithfully reproduces the natural shades, veining and hues of wood essences.

Brick Atelier: small first-class wall tiles for bathrooms and kitchens with in demand details

Brick Atelier: small and exquisite wall tiles, akin to jewels on the wall

Brick Atelier: small and exquisite wall tiles, akin to jewels on the wall

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