Róbert Reiter

Róbert Reiter

Nekem nem számít a bók, a vicc, vagy csak egy puszi hiszen kitartóbb vagyok mint a Duracel nyuszi :)
Róbert Reiter
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tattoo pain chart. Hm, I didnt think mine (on my outside calf) hurt very much at all. Also, I like that the Web site says tattoos for girls but its a guy with a star over the junk.

Tattoo pain rating chart from Inked Magazine. who exactly made this up cause according to this my "five star" tattoos should have had me "passed out or crying" where i was laughing and watching movies

#Pokédex (092) Gastly, (093) Haunter and (094) Gengar - by *sangheili117 #deviantART

wanted to practice some new lighting on something familiar so heres some slightly more realistic ghost pokemon nothing special though =/ ::ghosts::

This guy did an ad for tattoo cover up make up, and he is incredibly good looking...but I like the ink, too.

Macabre Tattoos show us how fashion can be as boundless as possible by featuring ''Zombie Boy'' Rick Genest as the new face of MUGLER fashion house. Discover at Yatzer the black and white images, which have been the talk of fashionistas world lately.

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