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a wooden fence with lights on it and potted plants in the foreground,
Seven Ways to Brighten Up Your Landscape With Outdoor Lights
A beautiful patio design can be ruined by a lack of good lighting design. Luckily, there's a variety of vibrant lighting ideas you can use to spice up your outdoor living spaces. Try our 7 lighting design ideas for outdoor spaces and light up your backyard like a pro.
a white bench sitting on top of a porch next to a red door and window
Victorian Porch wood post turning and railing products , Ontario, GTA, Toronto, verandah, balustrade, baluster, spindle , deck, rail, fretwork, corbels, custom millwork , lathe, historic, reproduction millwork at Hoffmeyer's Mill
the corner of a house with an ornate design on it
two people are working on a piece of wood
Górna Chata Meble góralskie inspiracja Stanisław Witkiewicz Styl Zakopiański praca Zakopane Kościelisko w Rezydencji Szeligówka :)
an outdoor fountain surrounded by statues and other items in a store front window display area
Architectural Salvage, Reclamation Yard & Antiques
there is a large wooden structure with many holes in the top and bottom, along with other items
Architectural Salvage, Reclamation Yard & Antiques
a person using a power tool to cut wood planks with a circular sawhorse
a man standing next to a tall wooden sculpture holding up a large piece of wood
När vi renoverade taket på verandan förra våren tog vi bort alla lister med snickarglädje som satt runt takfoten. De hade tappat allt för många ”tänder” för att få komma upp igen kände vi. Men tank…