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a monkey sitting on top of a tree next to a green grass covered field with text
a man in devil costume holding an umbrella with the words melg van mi?
two emoticions with hearts in the background that say happy valentine's day
a hand is holding money in front of a white background with the words, az elet somori, de legalab a fzetsunk
viccesc.png - Vicces képek album - zsokica45 képtára
the words are written in different languages on an orange and red background with yellow leaves
A MUNKAHELY AZ A KÖZEG, AHOL... - Pistike Viccújság
an old woman is shown in black and white with the words,'turista fa
three people dressed up as witches sitting on a table in front of a brick building
These DIY Sunflower Skeletons Scream Halloween
Use tomato cages turned upside down and 6 inch styrofoam balls for the heads. The shoulders are made of 2 inch pvc pipe and run a coat hanger for the arms. Place pillows on the backside of the witches to give them a hump back look. Cover with fabric. Add hats, masks, and hands (all from the dollar store!)
two hands are holding small pieces of paper with red writing on the top and bottom
Ja! 😂😂
a police officer talking to a woman in her car
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