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Stretch a Sentence

This poster is to use in your writing center. It helps kids to see the importance of making a complete thought/sentence! :) Any questions or changes please email me at Thank you for your time! :) ...

Kiss Your Binders and Hanging Files GOODBYE!

It's a game changer for classroom organization! Use project or document cases to organize your classroom essentials.

Word of the Week Routine to Enhance Vocabulary + FREE Worksheet

Having a Word of the Week routine is an effective way of getting students to interact with and learn the meaning of new words. It helps students with their vocabulary acquisition which directly results in improved reading and writing skills.

Telling the difference between Bilingualism and a Speech Disorder

I'm happy to welcome Scott Prath, M.A., CCC-SLP, the Vice President of Bilinguistics in Austin, Texas to share his expertise on bilingualism and speech

10 Absurd Wordless Videos for Describing in Speech Therapy

I love using video in speech therapy. There are so many uses of video when students or clients struggle to describe, explain, or answer Wh-questions. Another fun way to spark conversation is to use “absurd images.” Showing a student a picture of something that could not be real is a great way to get them ... Read More about 10 Absurd Wordless Videos that Teach Describing

Expanding Sentences FREE

Expand simple sentences using these pages. Four choices are provided so you can differentiate to meet the needs of each students. This product contains both color and black and white pages.Goal: The student will expand a sentence by adding 1-3 details, 8 out of 10 trials.Additional pages are availab...

Prepositions: Vocabulary for Beginning Readers

Basic vocabulary, like knowing prepositions, is necessary for beginning readers. Teach prepositions with this simple game.

30 Books to Help teach Negation in Speech Therapy

Negation is a critical part of language development that is targeted by SLPs in speech therapy. This is a common grammar difficulty found in emerging language. I rounded up some books that contain repetitive negatives to help teach the concept of negation expressively and receptively!

FREE Fictional Short Stories for Language Comprehension

Engage your students with short story language comprehension! With multiple stimuli per story, hone receptive language skills. Work on multiple language targets with the same story - wh questions; inferencing and predicting; or context clues, yes/no questions, and vocabulary.This is a small packet w...

Language Sample Checklist

Use this simple checklist when you are taking language samples! Includes grammatical elements, intelligibility rating (20 utterances) and questions that can help you decide if the student's language skills are age appropriate or not. © Teach Speech 365...

TOP TEN LIST: Word Retrieval Strategies

Today's post is on word retrieval. Our grandmother recently suffered a stroke. The stroke has unfortunately made it more difficult for her to verbally say the words that she wants to produce because she is experiencing some expressive aphasia in addition to some verbal apraxia. During our recent visit to South Dakota to see her, we provided her with some tips on how to produce words that she could not think of and also those words that are on the "tip of her tongue" and proving to be…

Ms Cs Creative Communicators

Browse educational resources created by Ms Cs Creative Communicators in the official Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Animal Adjectives - Amazing authors make awesome learning content! This (FREE!) deck of 20 cards targets adjectives/descriptive words for animals. Each card has a real photograph of an animal, along with 5 written adjectives for the student to determine which 2 or 3 words accurately describe the animal in the photograph.

Pronouns Speech Therapy: Multi-Level Unit

This evidence-based resource addresses the critical preschool and lower elementary WORD STRUCTURE concepts of subject, object, possessive, & reflexive pronouns, irregular past tense verbs, increasing MLU, answering WH (who) questions, subject/verb agreement and more! 230+ pages are included. Tar...