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This Artists Hyper Realistic Tattoos Have a Surreal 3D Depth to Them - BlazePress

The work of artist Arlo DiCristina is like nothing we've ever seen before, the realism he manages to capture within his tattoo work is absolutely stunning.

Realistic Eye Tattoo | Arm Realistic Eye Tattoo by Peter Tattooer

Peter Tattooer from Slovakia show his tattoo art tagged with Arm Realistic Eye Tattoo.

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Skin 2 Tattoo Machine by I MAX Tattoo made by KWADRON needles made by Black Scorpion Ink made by blue ice tattoo cream

One-of-a-kind diamond STUNNER of a tat. Hands down the most preciously tender moment between parent & child.forever inked into skin cells. The adoration a parent holds within their heart has absolute.