Péter Pósa

Péter Pósa

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Péter Pósa
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Divulging too many personal details online can make you an easy target for hackers. Protect your identity by keeping your private life private, and minimizing the information you share online. Be mindful what you share online about yourself or your personal private life in any social media online, stay online forever.

Infographic warns against giving to much personal information on social media platforms. No matter how locked down you think your social data is, hackers and data brokers may still have access to your personal details.

Should We Have This Meeting? [by Wrike -- via Tipsographic] #tipsographic

Should We Have This Meeting – Wrike Project Management Software is best recommended for global users. The global users could experience the quality Infographic brought to you by Wrike Free Project Managing Software.

Daily Time Management of Extremely Productive People [Infographic]

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