Amazing Landmarks & Icons (London)

Amazing Landmarks & Icons from London. Where we take our inspiration from for our NEW Landmark Collections. Available in stores and online from late March '14
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a map of the chicago subway system
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Put your own stamp on London, its full of history written and to be wrote.
a wooden coat hanger with buildings on it
Christopher Jarratt makes incredible Cityscape Coat Hangers: "Souvenirs of the 21st Century" - British Council "A Future Deisgn Classic" - The Sunday Times (09.09.07)
four different christmas ornaments including a london bus and a toy soldier
These will be adorning our office Christmas tree this year. I know its early, but London's Calling :)
a red phone booth sitting in the middle of a blue background that says london calling
Illustrations / 2013
So answer your phone!
a large ferris wheel sitting next to a body of water at sunset with buildings in the background
Eye on Dawn
"Fancy a ride?" Wish you were here x
a large building with many flowers in the foreground and cars parked on the other side
Buckingham Palace
"Treat me like Royalty!" Wish you were here x
there is a statue on top of the fountain
"Love is in the air!" Wish you were here x
a very tall building with many windows on it's side
"Taking you to the highest heights!" Wish you were here x
a red poster with the words i love london and a white bus in front of it
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Enough said. Everyone loves London, its just how long you want a relationship that varies.
cupcakes decorated with the british flag and symbols are in a gift box for someone's birthday
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For Queen and country…we must eat cake. With clotted cream and Tea of course.
a drawing of london with the big ben clock tower in the background and british symbols around it
Viva en Londres!!
a red double decker bus driving down the street
60's London Bus
Bring back the original Routemaster, what an icon.