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an empty room with wooden tables and benches
The wooden soul of a sushi restaurant in a Japanese hot spring
The wooden soul of a sushi restaurant in a Japanese hot spring - Domus
an empty counter in a restaurant with black walls and wood slats on the ceiling
Toby’s Estate Cafe in Darling Square, Sydney by Studio Tate.
a restaurant with wooden floors and large mirrors on the wall, along with bar stools
What makes MARCUS, Marcus Samuelsson
a dimly lit bar with stools in front of it
5 ristoranti griffati a Milano dove andare durante la Settimana della Moda (e non solo)
a bar with lots of chairs and couches in front of the bar area is lit by chandelier lights
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a long table with plates on it in a room
Asia's Top 50 Restaurants - The Previous Year Lists
a man standing behind a counter in a restaurant
Leckie Studio updates the Cha Dao tradition for modern Canadian sensibilities
a man sitting at a table with chopsticks in his hand and sushi on the other side
Why Seattle Is One of the Most Exciting Places to Eat Japanese Food Right Now
a long table with place settings on it
Décor Photos : Saito (【旧店名】鮨かねさか 赤坂店) - Roppongi Itchome/Sushi
an empty restaurant with wooden tables and chairs in the center, surrounded by bamboo screens
Olea All Suite Hotel (Zakynthos, Greece) - Best Rates 2024