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a man and woman dressed in leathers hugging each other with tattoos on their arms
Violet and Liam
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Rowan Whitethorn
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a young boy and girl are standing on a balcony with blue lights in the background
a painting of a man and woman hugging each other
“Five more minutes” 💗🐉🛌🌅 In honor of Iron Flame by @rebeccayarros coming out here is some soft Violet and Xaden, because frankly they… | Instagram
a woman laying in bed next to a man with his tongue out and a dog on his lap
the many faces of game of thrones characters in different stages of their lives and times
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a woman is touching the face of a dragon
a golden dragon is curled up on the ground next to a tree
Here's What The "Fourth Wing" Characters Would Look Like In Real Life
Fourth Wing Characters In Real Life, According To AI