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an abandoned amusement park in the middle of winter
an abandoned building with trees in the foreground
an old abandoned building with vines growing out of it's walls and windows on either side
an old train is sitting in the abandoned building
Creepy Photos of Crumbling Soviet-Era Architecture
an old run down building in the middle of a street with lots of trash on the ground
Безысходность (45 фото)
there are many small buildings next to each other
an abandoned building in the middle of winter with snow on the ground and windows missing
Somewhere in Russia - Source wouldn't give location
two tall buildings with balconies in the foreground and another building in the background
Guide to Yerevan Soviet Architecture, with photos and locations
an old factory building with rusted out windows
Abandoned Canada Malt Plant - Saint-Henri
Haunted Places, York, Abandoned Houses, Abandoned Warehouse
an old building with graffiti all over it's walls and stairs leading up to the top floor
Urban Decay
an old building with clothes hanging out to dry in the air, next to other tall buildings
Hong Kong urban decay stock photo. Image of home, poor - 1071808
an old abandoned train car in the woods
Trolley Car Graveyard, USA
an empty hallway with peeling paint on the walls
80 Impressive Examples Of Urban Decay Photography | Envato Tuts+