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Bridging the Gap Between Design Education and a Creative Career
Hagit Kaufman, VP of Design at Wix, and head of the largest multidisciplinary in-house studio in Israel, sits down to chat with designer Frankie Ratford, the Founder and Creative Directive of The Design Kids, a global online resource and local offline community for thousands of student and graduate graphic designers. Frankie is returning guest speaker at the Wix Design Playground in NYC. #wixdesignplayground #wixdesign #thedesignkids #frankieratford #printmag
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Tina Essmaker’s Great Contentment
This isn't Tina Essmaker's first career path. Her second go-around brought her to a creative, fulfilling career - that she designed and built herself. She shared her strategies for figuring out how to achieve actual, real contentment. utm_content=buffer3c9ae&utm_medium=referral&
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Don’t Just Show Up: Planning for HOW Design Live
HOW Design Live is a big ol' conference. On a tight schedule and a huge scale. To see the most, learn the most, and do the most, you'd better have a plan. Here's our take on how to squeeze every drop out of wonder out of HDL. h
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3 Tips for Making Your Pitch to Attend HOW Design Live
You want to come to HOW Design Live. But does your boss want you to.....? Convince them with our top three tips, and get ready to get moving: get tickets before the 29th and save up to $200!
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8 Design Conferences Not to Be Missed in 2019
Our top 8 design conference picks for 2019 should have you booking plane tickets and getting pumped.
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HOW Design Live | HOW Design Live
From coast to coast and sea to shining sea, designers will meet in the middle at HOW Design Live in May in Chicago. Find your people, live your dreams, and learn how to be (and work) better with us!
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Designing Your Perfect Conference Experience: HOW Design Live
A living room decorated with beloved family antiques and modern pieces from Ikea. A brand-new pair of jeans and your favorite 20-year-old boots. Ever notice how the old and the new blend to create something altogether awesome? Our HOW Design Live colleagues had that “something old, something new” mantra in mind when they assembled the program for this year’s event. #howdesignlive #howdesign #graphicdesigners #creativefreelance
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In design, stay true to yourself and true to your project
At Mingo, good design is about more than being complicated or straight-forward, intricate or simple, busy or minimal, Helvetica or Comic Sans. It’s ultimately about going with what’s right for the project.
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Don’t Just Show Up: Planning for HOW Design Live
Don’t Just Show Up: Planning for HOW Design Live There are two ways to approach any kind of professional event: Show up and see what happens, or create a strategic plan for what you want to accomplish during (and take away from) the event. For an event as comprehensive as HOW Design Live, with tons of programs and nearly 100 sessions, planning ahead is essential. #howevents #howdesignlive
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HOW Design University
Many creatives, whether they are designers, photographers or writers, often find themselves stressed with the need to find enough clients to support their income. By learning how to creative passive income streams for themselves, they can take advantage of their intellectual property and talent in a whole new way. This extra revenue can help reduce the stress of client work and create new opportunities. Click for more information. #passive #income #business
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HOW Design Live | HOW Design Live
If you're a creative leader—or aspiring leader—reaching for the next steps in your career, take action by saving your seat at REACH: Accelerating Creative Leadership. You have less than 3 weeks left until REACH, so register today! Use code RC50 to get $50 off your registration. #creative #leadership #NYC
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HOW Design University
PowerPoint. The very mention of it is enough to send many designers screaming from the room. But in this workshop, PowerPoint expert Laura Foley presents compelling reasons to change your mind about the world's most popular presentation design software. Find out how you can use PowerPoint to better serve your clients, increase your marketability & create effective self-promotion. Enroll today! Course runs Dec. 26, 2017 – Jan. 2, 2018 #powerpoint #design
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HOW Design University
Are you a creative director, department head or project manager? In this online workshop, you'll learn the techniques and skills you need to successfully build creative teams, manage resources and lead people. Enroll today! Course runs 11/20 – 11/27 #creative #leadership #management
two people shaking hands over a table with jars and bottles on it that read online workshop oct 29, 2017 supercharge your in - house team
HOW Design University
Want to supercharge a low-performing in-house creative team? This workshop is for you. Click for more details and to enroll today. #inhouse #design #creatives #workshop
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HOW Design University
Want to get your hands dirty exploring some analogue letter-making techniques? This course is for you. Click to learn more and enroll today. Course runs 10/1 through 10/29/2017. #handlettering #texture #design