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the vw logo is dripping in black and white
Volkswagen Logo Bleeding by greenbob1986 on DeviantArt
two cartoon pictures with one saying that the same person is not talking to each other
Apa! Tudod, hogy miért nem csönget a postás ezzel az ujjal? - - vicces képek, humoros videók, poénos oldalak
a green screen with the words in different languages on it and an image of a woman's face
Gyakorikérdés hülyeségei
Funny Facts, Bad Humor, Funny Horror, Everything Funny, Cute Memes, Funny Comics
Kinek ismerős? - - vicces képek, humoros videók, poénos oldalak
two text messages are shown in the same language
snow white and the seven dwarfs talking to each other in bed with speech bubbles above them
A koronavírus felpörgette a mémgyártók fantáziáját -
a sign that says it's ok to be in front of a roller coaster