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an image of a picnic set up on the grass
Santa Cruz All Natural Australian Wool Comforter
2 in 1: beach bag & towel (with tutorial)
the collage shows many different types of swings and chairs, including one in a hammock
Wonderful DIY Step by Step Hammock
DIY hammock chair ,perfect for relaxing or reading on rainy days . #diy #hammock chair
two pictures one is empty and the other has some rolls of toilet paper in it
15 Easy and Cheap DIY Projects to Make Your Home a Better Place
16 Dirt Cheap & Easy DIY Projects To Make At Home
three different pictures of some type of object on a table and in the middle there are circles that have been cut out
DIY Scarf Organizer - uses shower curtain rings & a hanger. <3 Made something useful out of things I had lying around.
an open box with blue, green and white polka dots on it sitting on top of a counter
Blackout Blinds
DIY::Turning cereal boxes into drawer organizers! Tutorial
the closet is full of quilts and other crafting supplies, including fabric samples
Hanging projects in progress. Love this for craft and scrapbooking projects--keep all the supplies together for each project! I could even do this with the kids homeschool projects since shelf space is always maxed out
many different colored spools of thread in a bowl
Organizing Embroidery Floss
(Jenni) Organizing Embroidery Floss - this is so cute! #DIY #Organization #SewingRoom CraftRoom
two cleaning cloths and a mop on a table
Set of 3 Eco Friendly Cotton Swiffer Covers - Etsy
Cute! Crocheted Swiffer covers.
three different colored ruffles on top of each other next to a toothbrush
DIY: Swiffer made from fleece. Apparently it works even better then the disposables and you can wash it!