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two people standing next to each other in the snow
a man with glasses is hugging another mans arm and smiling at the camera, black and white photo
you can't see me
a large room filled with lots of lights
My Favourite Illustrations from Pottermore
My Favourite Illustrations from Pottermore - Imgur
a woman holding an owl on her arm
a painting of hogwart's castle from the window of a train at sunset
Im going to hogwarts
a painting of a tennis court with a man holding a racket in his hand
Harry no Campo de Quadriboll
some people are holding candles in front of a castle
The Magic Will End When You Truly Forget It 💫
RIP Alan Rickman 1946-2016 Source: reducto1art
an image of a man and a white horse in the woods with blue light coming from behind him
a drawing of a young man with a scarf around his neck, in front of a cityscape
CANCUN TATTOO TRIP!! 22 al 26 de octubre ! Daré poquitas citas , ya pueden ir agendando mandando sus ideas , tamaño en cm y zona a tatuar al siguiente correo ! ( no olviden poner que es para Cancún! ) 👉🏻 tattoos@javiwolf.com #harrypotter #potterhead #watercolor
the silhouette of a man wearing a tie and standing in front of a castle with a deer
DB Art
by Dan Burgess Harry potter!
a cart with luggage sitting in front of a brick wall next to a sign that says platform 9
Platform 9¾
King's Cross Railway station is a major London railway that was opened in 1852. King's Cross is featured in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. The Hogwarts Express uses a secret platform, 9 3/4, to transport students to Hogwarts. King's Cross has since placed a cast iron 9 3/4 sign on the wall against where the movie was filmed with part of a luggage trolley under the sign.
an illustration with the words when in doubt, go to the library on it's side
Dragonfly (dragonflymage)
When in doubt, go to the library More