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Exoskeleton Suit, Samurai Swords, Cyborgs, Robotics, Armors, Organic Form, Sci Fi, Cyberpunk, Survival

McFarlane Toys Titanfall 2 Color Tops Red Wave Pilot Action Figure #8

Hero and main character of the highly anticipated Titanfall with the deadly accurate CAR submachine gunLikeness of Pilot Jack Cooper captured directly

fancy pants tie for Brad

I love this. want my groom to have this you're knot on wedding day. It's all about the knot! I believe this is an Eldredge Knot

Its a nice tribal sun tattoo. It was done on my birthday Guy Madison both did the Drawing and the Tattoo.

Tac Gear, Pew Pew, 2nd Amendment, Special Forces, Tactical Gear, Airsoft, Firearms, Rifles, Army, Special Forces