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a white chair sitting on top of a porch next to a potted flower plant
Sarah’s Colorwave Quilt Pattern
Use our Twisted Triangle Template to make the Clamshells for this lovely bed-sized quilt.
a picnic blanket and bowl of fruit on the grass with a yellow ribbon around it
Strawberry Patch Pattern
Fresh-as-spring prints in 2 1/2″-wide pre-cut strips were used to make this cute throw.
a couch with a quilt on top of it and a pillow in the middle that says quilting daily
Island Chain Pattern
This table runner, made with beautiful batiks, looks beautiful on a long table or at the foot of a bed.
a quilted wall hanging on the side of a dresser next to a vase with flowers
a colorful quilt on a bed with white pillows
Free as a Bird Quilt Pattern
If you love 10″ squares and love Flying Geese units, you will LOVE this quilt!
a bed with a colorful quilt on top of it next to a wicker basket
Colorado Sunset Quilt Pattern
A beautiful sunset is formed by 60 degree triangles in this modern quilt.
a quilted couch sitting on top of a wooden chair next to a white rocking chair
Once in a While Quilt Pattern
Joy McKeon’s stunning quilt, made up of super-simple blocks, shows off small prints in vibrant hues.
a couch with a colorful quilt on it in front of a fire place and fireplace
a bed with a pink pillow and quilted bedspread on top of it
Checking the Boxes Quilt Pattern
Simple squares never looked so good. Use bright batiks or your favorite solids to mix it up.
a table topped with a plate of cookies next to a glass of milk on top of a table
Hip to be Square Quilt Pattern
Take a few 5-inch squares and put them to good use in this adorable table runner.
a quilted bed with a book on it and an image of a pink flamingo in the background
a colorful quilt is on display in front of a window with the words quilting daily above it
Streamers & Confetti Quilt Pattern
A bright and lively way to decorate and celebrate!