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Stuck in a dorm room or just too lazy to push that couch out of the way? Heres a workout that doesnt require a lot of space. Click the website to see how I lost 19 pounds in one month with free trials

Week 2 of my 6 week at-home CrossFit inspired workouts!!

Hope your weekend was BOMB! I will be posting about my fun sisters weekend tomorrow AND I am hoping to have posts planned and scheduled for the rest of the week! I will be at ALT SUM. crossfit workouts at home

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Home CrossFit WOD: 600 Reps (Blonde Ponytail)

As a reminder, I am not a CrossFit coach (I’m a CSCS). I love CrossFit and use it frequently for my workouts and to train others often adapting the WOD’s to the equipment I have available.


One Pot Wonder

5 x 50 workout, 5 sets of 50 sumo squats, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and push ups. Try doing this at least twice a day until summer. :) Add crunches for total body workout.