Stop keeping your lemons on your counter top, in the pantry, or in a bag in your fridge. There is a better way! Cover with water and place in fridge. It seals the peels and keeps them fresh.

How To Store Lemons The Right Way: The best way to store lemons is to place them in a jar and then cover with water and place in the refrigerator. It turns out the water seals the lemon peel and keeps the lemon from drying out!

Could make something like this using things from the Dollar Tree!

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A bit of chalk paint turned a magazine rack into a shabby-chic place for pans that's totally worthy of a spot on a countertop.

18 Genius Double-Duty Organizing Ideas

Not a bad idea, those cookie sheets/muffin pans, etc. are a pain to store. Might have to build it from scratch but not too complicated. Makeover an old wooden magazine holder to take control of your cake pans, pizza pans, muffin pans.

How To Tie a Scarf

"how to" Atlantis scarf (this model turned actress after landing a gig in the lizzie bennet diaries!

How To Tie a Scarf @

DIY "Infinity" scarf - kind of a "duh" thing, this is a reminder that I don't need to BUY an infinity scarf when I have a ton of scarfs.

<3 this! 1940s Red & White. The kitchen showcases red-and-white objects dating from 1945 to 1955. Photo courtesy of Gross & Daley.

Inspiration from Mid-Century Modern Kitchens

Cool Kitchen Gadgets - this! The kitchen showcases red-and-white objects dating from 1945 to Photo courtesy of Gross Daley.

How to tie a scarf | Photo Place

I wear a scarf almost every day. My favorite scarves are from Brightly Twisted, and they were kind enough to provide drawings for how to tie a long scarf.

Hang magazine racks as fruit/vegetable holders.

hang magazine racks as fruit/vegetable holders-- I like this idea! good idea to free up countertop space