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Lee Ghutto

Lee Ghutto
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The Temples at ABU SIMBEL, EGYPT Long before Ramses II, the site had been sacred to Hathor of Absek. The temple built by Ramses, however, was dedicated to the sun gods Amon-Re and Re-Horakhte. The place which first got me interested in Egyptology.


This is a continuously growing collection of photos, all about the beautiful foot, mostly SFW (safe for work). We love sexy feet and legs.

Jim Clark Grid Start 1966

Jim Clark ready for a thrill of a ride in the 1966 USA Grand Prix. Letting the wheels of his Lotus-BRM 43 spinning for a maximum acceleration!


Vintage / Retro / Car / Photography: I Love the window reflections and cool colour in this image. This classic retro VW Kombie van is a true New Zealand favourite - you wont find a better one.