Will you be mine, Valentine?

Valentines Day
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a drawing of a cat laying in bed with the words i love you, it's running my life
i love you, it’s ruining my life 🎀 credits: @purelypixi
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two white birds sitting on top of each other's hand with hearts floating above them
a drawing of a woman in a pink dress with a heart on her chest holding a needle and thread
Stitch by Casey Robin
a pink mailbox with the words love letters only written in black ink on it
an old photo of two people in heart - shaped frames with flowers on the side
a painting of a swan in a heart surrounded by flowers and animals on a pink background
a clock with the word love meter painted on it
a pink heart shaped sticker with an image of a cupid angel on it
"angel heart" Sticker for Sale by cute-stickerzs
an orange and pink background with stamps on it that say i love you, xoxo
Love Letters