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Raffyella Rachehio
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The adventures continue! The Turtles face a new, all-powerful foe. To survive they'll have to turn to... Shredder?? Bonus story featuring a comic book made by Mikey!

Images for : "TMNT" "Star Wars: Artifact Edition" in IDW Publishing's September 2015 Solicitations - Comic Book Resources

Break Dancing by CutieClovers on DeviantArt

Break Dancing by CutieClovers on DeviantArt>> man,Donnie is so fabulous in that pose!

.: TMNT comic - Our Hero :. by *Yuki-Orin on deviantART ... So cute, Mikey deserves credit like this once in a while!

I drew this comic three monts ago. omg, stupid comic, lol XDDD Well, this is kinda aftermath of tmnt episode Parasitica Hope you like it ^^ .: TMNT comic - Our Hero :.

April's nightmare

I have to admit that I don't like it ^u^ But I wanted to upload some cliché Leorai mini story. And I wanted to draw something sooo badly!