He is my role model because he is able to save people and is able to ignore most haters and follow his dreams

Andy black from BVB : Jordan, needs the green eyes

andy sixx | Tumblr GIF I think this might just possibly be the best gif EVER!!!!

this is one of the best gifs ive ever seen

Andy Biersack - Black Veil Brides Fallen Angel

Andy Biersack - Black Veil Brides Fallen Angel I have a shirt exactly like this

He is so fucking perfect so jealous that Juliet gets him forever but as long as he's happy I'm happy

He is perfect so what are you talking about <<< ikr

" Andy stop smoking. Ill keep smoking, Ill smoke forever. Ill smoke on you, smoke on your face." - Andy Biersack. Same andy.. Same

"Stop smoking Andy. I'll keep smoking, I'll smoke forever. I'll smoke on you, smoke on your face. I'll smaoke next to the Truth bus" - Andy Biersack.

Andy Black - Ribcage Wallpaper | Either Ribcage or Homecoming King is my favorite, I can't decide...

Andy Black - The Shadow Side - Album Cover Art Pendant Necklace

Sup im Andy im the son of the joker yep him i know right well i died he didnt care of course well its whatever come say hi

I find Andy Biersack absurdly attractive.


Unseen portrait of Andy Biersack from 2012 📸: Paul Harries

Sexy Andy biersack pic

Andy Biersack smut

Sexy Andy biersack pic <<<< Every Andy pic is sexy

black veil brides | Tumblr

Bvb army is the best group there is they are so welcoming (:

andybvb's photo on Instagram

Andy sixx and the rest of bvb are amazing.

andy biersCk hot 2015 | Andy Black (Biersack) in Kerrang! issue #1551

Andy Black (Biersack) in Kerrang!

Black Veil Brides

Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides

We Don't Have To Dance, Andy Black •@LyricRose1010

We Don't Have To Dance, Andy Black •@LyricRose1010

Andy black We don't have to dance

We dont have to dance//Andy Black