Royal Hungarian Honvéd machine gun team operating a 8mm Schwartzlose MG 07/12 on the Eastern Front c.1941

Royal Hungarian Honved machine gun team firing Schwartzlose MG Russian Front 1941

Hungarian tanks

Hungarian Tanks of World War II – Between 1918 and 1945 the Hungarian military designed dozens of advanced Tanks , armored cars And Assault guns before and d.

7,5 cm PaK 40 L46 auf GW Hotchkiss H39 F Marder 1 von Matthias Andrezejewsky (1:35 Trumpeter)

cm PaK 40 auf GW Hotchkiss F Marder 1 von Matthias Andrezejewsky…

M30 Pavesi vontató. Hungarian Army, pin by Paolo Marzioli

“Hungarian army repair shop with many trucks, cars & some Swedish and Italian tanks, tankettes and artillery tractor.

40/43.M Zrínyi II rohamtarack (105 mm L/20,5)

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Hungarian Turan tank with radio ,commander prototipe.

After Stalingrad the Hungarian Army fitted a short gun to improve armor penetration against Soviet tanks


We have not seen much in the way of Hungarian combatants during WWII – I mean compared with the other Axis powers' representation in m.


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Magyar honvéd a megszállási területen.

Magyar honvéd a megszállási területen.

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