I just died. This is the most precious thing I have ever seen

I bought a bear suit! I'm gonna need a picture like this! Daddy kissing baby in a bear suit.

I love you Daddy

i don't have an earthly father, but this picture makes me very grateful to know the man i will marry will love our little girl this way. Melts my heart.


Popular Baby Names 2013

“ themountainlaurel: “ Eline Visscher ” getting really impatient for my godson to be born ”

daddy and baby

there are so many things I love about this picture.boys with kids, babies, his beard, his tattoos, father and son pictures.need I say more?

I can say for a fact that my daughter & her daddy have been cuddles buddies…


{For a little girl, this is such a sweet outfit. That swing coat and that knitted hat!

baby + daddy

The Williams Family: Baby Ada - ali harper photography - He reminds me of Opie from SOA.