Viktória Schillinger

Viktória Schillinger

Hogy ki vagyok? Ha egy mondatban kéne összefoglalnom: A világ legönkritikusabb tollforgatója, aki abban az irományában is hibát talál, amit más kitűnőnek lá
Viktória Schillinger
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"But the keys are broken" "That's why you must listen with your heart, then you might hear the most beautiful of songs"

When ever I have a chance to cut class I go to the band room. A matter of fact, once I didn't realize I was suppose to go to class after an in school concert and just stayed at the band room but my teacher let it slip, lol

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Pin for Later: The Best Movie Kisses of All Time Adventureland Things steam up between James (Jesse Eisenberg) and Em (Kristen Stewart).

i don't know what i'm doing

heatherwitch: “ A word of caution. Do not preform any of these curses if they will make your abuser more agitated and therefore dangerous to you. This does not replace any safety measures you.