An interesting bending chart from "Avatar: the last air bender".  The flow of this is very alchemical in nature. Showing the interconnection of the 4 western elements.


Avatar the Last Airbender/ The Legend of Korra: bending chart. Elements and sub-elements

That's me I get told to... be myself and then... I get made fun of... so please if anyone sees someone doing that don't ignore it... change that

I've been told to be myself or that I need to accept myself but I'm still judged for who I am.

Monsters Inc Anime crossover

Monsters Inc Anime crossover. Mike and Randal aren't bad looking as anime characters. (I know this isn’t disney, but I have no where else to pin this :p)

Anime quotes.? >.>

Estou doente de choro, cansado de tentar , sim eu estou a sorrir mas por dentro estou morrendo

Even though the Gryffindor quote should say, "Not all Gryffindors are brave," I…

Harry Potter the truth to hogwarts houses sorting hat gryffindor hufflepuff ravenclaw slytherin

Egy kis matek segítség a konyhában! :)

Egy kis matek segítség a konyhában! :)

I think I'm just gonna become a loner. I'm tired of pretending to like people.

unless you are going to an anime convention or being around other otaku. Then the light of the anime shall spread to those lands!) is also manga. Social life is also gaming>

That I'm an adult with responsibilities and I have to go to work! And that one stupid thing I said that time!

Anime: Your lie in April

Anime: Your lie in April


~ Summer Dream ~ This a 4 layer image from a storm on 22 August, By Steven Maguire (Eye of the Storm Photography) Taken on: August 2011