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I'm crying...

I was so sad when Fred died! Its just so sad. And he was so funny and a really nice guy in the movie. :-( I remember crying at this part of the movie when I first found out that Fred died.

Ha ha😂

Maze Runner by James Dashner! I run because I know I'd be the first to die if WICKED kidnapped me and put me in a maze with a bunch of grievers.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Thomas Brodie-Sangster just be reading on the ground in the parking lot with Starbucks. But it's Thomas Brodie-Sangster so u can't be judgin'<<what if he's reading death cure.

I will always love these books/movies always! Harry Potter will never ever get old. the feels!

Alan Rickman aka Professor Snape from the Harry Potter movies! Professor Snape is my favorite character in the series and Alan Rickman was the perfect actor to play him! I absolutely positively love this quote from him!