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We have a gap in our lives where our potential is separate from our reality – from where we are – and that this life, true life, is about closing that gap. True Self, True Life, The Gap, Our Life, Life Is, Gap, Track
Recognize Your Purpose and The Gap Between Reality & Potential -
We have a gap in our lives where our potential is separate from our reality – from where we are – and that this life, true life, is about closing that gap.
a man standing in front of a wall with a painting on it that says you can gain me, you can destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind
Shift Happens and so do Rifts - Don;t fight change, be the change...
a woman in glasses is holding a folder and smiling at the camera with her arms crossed
Age vs. Youth – A True Story of Generation Differences
It's OK to love your work. Truly. SO stop feeling guilty...
an old brick wall that has been torn down and is being used as a background
Mobile: Just Another Brick in the Wall
a woman flying through the air surrounded by letters
HR Today: Creating THE Employee Experience
Defining Commensurate: It’s not so easy… Inbound Marketing, Money Saving Tips, Ask For A Raise, Quick Loans, Easy Cash, Cash Loans, Payday Loans, Credit Report, Make Money From Home
Defining Commensurate: It’s not so easy…
an open red door on a white wall
My Book of Life – My Next Chapter
a woman climbing up the side of a rock with her hands on her hips and headband
Climbing on Failure
Climbing on Failure - Opportunity is everywhere, but nowhere is it more present than in the fleeting grasp of failure. It is indeed fleeting. Be thankful for each opportunity failure creates.
an airplane is taking off from the airport runway at sunset or sunrise, with the sun shining on the tarmac behind it
Tricks for Travel plus The ONE Thing You Need to Know
an image of a hole in the wall that looks like it has been broken into pieces
Secrets of Success: Smashing the Medium
a man standing in the middle of a field under a blue sky with a flying object
Every once in a while, you need to phone home...
a man in a suit and tie holding two laptops on his shoulders, both with their hands open
Today’s extreme is tomorrow’s past. Tough it out. Survive it. Live to tell the story – there are those who need to hear it.