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the words i don't have a lot of lipstick on it
bands amazing nirvana 150859160000202 by @punkflowerssss
a woman with long hair holding a guitar
Patron Saint of Rock n' Roll
Drogs And Love - Douglas Booth (Nikki Sixx)
a woman with long hair and piercings standing in an open doorway wearing leather pants
163 Carlos Santana Musician 70s Stock Photos, High-Res Pictures, and Images
a man with long black hair is eating a box of donuts on his tongue
Mötley Crüe Photo: Mötley Crüe ಞ
four different pictures of the rockers in their costumes and hair, one is holding a guitar
•Tu, Sixx, sigueme• The Dirt, Nikki Sixx y tu - Capitulo 11🎵🎤
an image of a man playing guitar on stage
Motley Crue, NYC, 1984
two women dressed in punk clothing pointing at the camera
Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx by GunsNMotley on DeviantArt