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░ The Shameless Boys ░

Photos - Shameless - Season 2 - Cast Promotional Photos - Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher and Jeremy Allen W

Shameless. Mandy and Lip.

Mandy and Lip. I like them both together but beside of Terry Mandy is my least favorite Milkovich bc Iggy is cool and Mickey is.

Lip Gallagher - Shameless US

Shameless: “Lip” (Phillip) Gallagher [ENTP] Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Lip’s intelligence isn’t that he’s brilliant, but rather that he’s good at figuring out what others want (with a Karen-sized.

Lip gallagher and ian gallagher #Shameless

Lip gallagher and ian gallagher

i liked them together

i liked them together<<until lip thought it would be cool to be an ass